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Gardening is an interesting activity for your leisure time. Decorating your backyard with backyard flowers or other ornaments will make your house more beautiful and pleasing. Backyard or garden decoration is also considered as important as the decoration inside the house. However, gardening is not easy for some people and it needs proper planning and preparation to gain a successful outcome. This is also the reason why some people prefer to hire a gardener to decorate their backyard. Actually, you can decorate your backyard by yourself if you know the basic technique of decoration. Here some simple guides for gardening if you are a beginner and want to decorate your backyard.


First, you have to know that there are some concepts of backyard decoration; they are herbal, botanical, flowers, vegetable, etc. Backyard flowers are usually used if you want to focus more on the look and decoration. You can start by choosing between the flowers that can live in all seasons and the flowers that only live in a certain season. The first is easier to take care and do not require you to re-plant it for certain period of time. However, using seasonal flowers can be more interesting because you can change the theme of your backyard in accordance with the underway season.

So, choose your flowers appropriately. Think about your location and the type of soil in your area. The location of your backyard also affects the amount of sunlight that illuminates your flowers. Without enough sunlight, the flowers will be difficult to bloom and cannot grow normally. Each type of flower needs different amount of sunlight. There are some flowers that cannot stand under sunlight all day. So, the selections of flowers will determine whether you need to add shading or not. Once you plant your backyard flowers, remember to always keep the soil fertile and keep the space between each plant.

Photo Gallery of Backyard Flowers Decoration Guides

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