Bohemian Kitchen Decor Ideas

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There is always something special when it comes to bohemian kitchen. The mixture of different colors, unique elements, and also textures, you always have room for creativity. No one can match your bohemian-styled kitchen for its distinctive charm and character. If you think about applying some edits toward your kitchen and want to make the kitchen decor is more personal, give your kitchen a bohemian charm seems like a good idea. You don’t find any precise rules to create a bohemian-styled kitchen as you can decorate the kitchen in many ways you want.

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Nevertheless, knowing what defines a bohemian kitchen can give you some ideas to start. A boho kitchen always has natural element in it, which you can add through greenery, flowers, fruits,  kitchen furniture, and more. Depend on your preference, a bohemian-styled can be very colorful, busy with pattern or only include neutral color such as natural light brown. Love something that is colorful, paint different colors to each wall of your kitchen. Mix yellow , pink, and blue. Give balance to your kitchen, white cabinetry, white tiles, and white kitchen appliances are necessary. Hang unique decorative on the wall and vintage lampshade.


Expect something that is more dramatic for your bohemian kitchen, install bohemian-styled wallpaper like vintage floral pattern that wraps all over the wall. Pick black-colored wooden dining table and chairs. Use vintage-styled kitchen appliance to enhance bohemian feel. Beveled frame   mirror has two functions, first it reflect the lights to make the room roomier, and second, it becomes decorative elements. If you are handy enough with do-it-yourself stuffs, decorate the kitchen with a diy chandelier made of spoon, beads, chains, and crystal, you will love the outcome. Weathered shelves and cabinetry have their own place in a boho kitchen. Arrange your dishes collections on the weathered shelves, and you already add bohemian element in your kitchen.

Photo Gallery of Bohemian Kitchen Decor Ideas

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