Making a Small Kitchen Big


Living in a town house or a flat in the city center, in the beginning you need to give up few points, maybe you will need to give up the space for the more affordable price or you will need to walk more to the nearest public transport station to go to work. Especially about the limited living space, we found out that you most possibly having a small kitchen in your flat when you give up the space for the price. but that’s not the end of the world, do you know that there are some trick to make your little kitchen looking bigger? We will have some ideas to help you enlarge and wider the look of your kitchen.


Do not use the island table. At home, you can have the stove, washing dishes area, and the fridge by the wall side and the “cooking and cutting” in the island table. But when you are living in a limited area of kitchen, do not use the island table, put the cooking and cutting area between the stove and dishwasher. It will make the kitchen are looks wider. If that’s not enough, you can improve your small kitchen to the optical illusion trick by changing the cabinetry opener into the wooden framing mirror so it will give the extra gaze to your room that makes it bigger than its own size.

Third way is to choose carefully the color of the room. People say that color plays big role. Indeed! Be a good friend with the white, light blue and light green. Basically light blue gives calm nuance while the green escalates the width of the room. It makes the room looks bigger and larger. While the white is normally applied to the cabinetry above and below, try to play some color on the wall and curtain. Choose the light flying material for your small kitchen curtain to ass more lightly looks.

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