Plants in Living Room Tips and Tricks


There are a lot of people who put plants on their living room. Unfortunately, there are not many of them who put plants in living room for a long time. Some of them are withered and some others are just too lazy to take care of the plants. Despite of the reasons, if you are thinking about placing some plants in the living room, then you will need to try some of these tips and tricks. That is because these simple tips and tricks below will help you maintain the nice looking plants that you put in the living room.



The first thing that you need to highlight is the size of the plant. Basically, it does not matter whether you are picking the small or big size plants for the plants that you put in the living room. However, the size of the plant will determine the best location of the plants in living room. If you want to use small plants, then you can simply put the plants on the table. On the other hand, the big plants should be placed on the floor. The next tip that you can try is picking some colorful plants to be placed on the table. As the replacement of flowers, you might want to simply use plants of colorful colors. This one will be something nice on the top of your table.


The last tip that you can try is using some kind of watering foam rather than a pot for the plant. If you are not into watering the plant, then you will need to pick the foam that will be able to keep the water for the plants in living room. This one is better than to water the plant every single day in your living room, which might cause some messes there.

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